Eine schwarze Welt der Diktaturen (1939) – Carries of the New Black Plague mit Kobold Hitler, Mussolini, Franco und Stalin

Die Welt der Diktatoren aus dem Jahr 1939. 
Aus dem Text:

  • The Hobgoblin Hitler
  • Man Mountain Mussolini
  • Generalissimo Francisco Franco
  • El Caudilla (literally tanslated means Fascism´s Charlie McCarthy)
  • The Mikado, Old Sol´s Only Legitmate Child
  • Carol the Roumanian Cavaller
  • Redheaded Heart on Sleeve
  • Admiral Nicholous (More than Royal Regent) Horrthy of Hungary
  • Unhappy Schuschnigg, the Only Dicator Who Has Had To Take it As Well As Dish It Our (realls a dicator by the force of circumstance and, by compariso to the rest of this gang, an angel of both peace and enlightenment)
  • Boris the Bulgar
  • The Unspeakable Ataturk
  • Blood-Red Loneliness, Nobody´s Comprade Stalin 

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